Multivac Baseline P100: Professional Vacuum Pack Machine

Multivac Baseline P100: Professional Vacuum Pack Machine

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Multivac Baseline range features transparent & acrylic glass chamber lid, housing made of stainless steel, three program memory spaces and automatic function for gentle packing. What is more, this table-top chamber machine range is simple to operate, easy to clean and delivers first-class packaging results.

Optional extras: Vacuum pack bags and accessories.

Power Supply 2 electrical versions: 100-115 V, 50-60 Hz / 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Labour warranty 1 year
Parts Warranty 1 year
Note 1 Vacuum Pump: 4 m³/h
Note 2 Transparent, acrylic glass chamber lid
Note 3 Automatic function for gentle packing
Note 4 Double-seam separation sealing and plug-in sealing bar. Seal seam: 3 mm, Separation seam: 1 mm
Note 5 Seal width: 1 x 205mm
Note 6 Sloping insert and filling plates
Note 7 Vacuum "quick-stop"
Note 8 Three program memory spaces
Note 9 Weight: 27kg
Finish Housing made of stainless steel

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