Kamado Joe GL368: Joe Junior 16" Ceramic Charcoal Grill Red

Kamado Joe GL368: Joe Junior 16" Ceramic Charcoal Grill Red
Kamado Joe GL368: Joe Junior 16" Ceramic Charcoal Grill Red Kamado Joe GL368: Joe Junior 16" Ceramic Charcoal Grill Red Kamado Joe GL368: Joe Junior 16" Ceramic Charcoal Grill Red

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The Kamado Joe GL368: Joe Junior 16" Ceramic Grill features a well-insulated ceramic body for excellent heat retention, providing perfectly uniform cooking for grilled, moist food with an intense flavour unmatched by others. This, combined with its unique circular shape for exceptional heat distribution and its dual-disc cast iron top vent for precise temperature control, means that your Kamado Joe can grill, roast, bake or smoke food to perfection. Its highly distinct, innovative yet traditional design means that this grill will only enhance the aesthetics of your catering establishment.

The Divide & Conquer flexible cooking system is a two piece cooking grid allowing split level cooking surfaces. The multi level rack can create different heat zones - use the heat deflector to cover one side of the charcoal to cook using indirect heat - e.g. cook vegetables on one side and meat on the other. 

Not just a grill; the integrated features of Kamado Joe's Grills make them a versatile outdoor cooking station - everything you need to grill, smoke and sear is included. 

GRILL - Ceramic construction and unique shape, along with using lump charcoal, mean moister meats and wood-fire flavor

SMOKE - The ability to not only control, but fine-tune temperature along with the long burning stamina of lump coal make it ideal for use as a smoker or a slow cooker (it will maintain low temps for up to 12 hours without adding lump charcoal)

SEAR - With a top temperature of 400ºc, you can sear steak. It will come off sizzling, just like it does at the high-end steak houses

BAKE - Bakes virtually anything you can bake in an oven. Try serving freshly prepared pizza - that's something you can't do on a barbecue!

*Lump charcoal is recommended for use with ceramic grills - burns cleaner, longer and hotter, leaves less mess to clean up & gives food a wood-fire flavour - charcoal briquettes are made from sawdust and may impart an unpleasant flavour to your food*

Temperature Range 82°C to 399°C
Warranty 5 years on metal parts and 1 year on thermometer and gaskets (parts only warranty)
Note 1 Dual-disc cast iron top vent for precise temperature control
Note 2 Fuelled by lumpwood charcoal for true wood-fire flavours (not included)
Note 3 Large built-in thermometer for easy temperature reading
Note 4 Powder coated, galvanised iron hinge for easy lid opening and shutting
Note 5 Patented slide-out ash drawer containers for easy cleaning
Note 6 Ready to cook in just 15 minutes
Note 7 Powder coated cast iron stand with handles for easy transportation
Note 8 High-density polyethylene (HDPE) handle for increased durability
Note 9 Supplied with grill gripper, ash tool and heavy duty static stand
Note 10 Supplied with Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System (mutli-position stainless steel rack, stainless steel grill grate and heat deflector)
Note 11 Dimensions - cooking area 330(Ø)mm
Weight 31kg
Finish Material heavy duty high fire heat resistant ceramic body with galvanised and powder coated steel fitments, external red finish
Delivery 5-7 working days delivery

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