Electrolux 700XP 371182: Manual Tilt Electric Bratt Pan 9.5kW

Electrolux 700XP 371182: Manual Tilt Electric Bratt Pan 9.5kW

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9.5kW Modular Cooking Range Line 700XP Electric Tilting Bratt Pan from Electrolux, 60lt capacity with mild steel bottom.
Labour warranty 2 year
Parts Warranty 2 year
Note 1 Infrared heating elements positioned under the cooking surface
Note 2 Polished mild steel plated cooking surface for roasting, browning, stewing, preparation of sauces, sautéing, boiling and braising
Note 3 Can be installed on cantilever systems
Note 4 Double-skinned lid in stainless steel
Note 5 Cooking temperature can be set through thermostat from 120 °C to 280 ° C
Note 6 Exterior panels in stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish
Note 7 Height adjustable feet in stainless steel
Note 8 Cooking Surface Depth: 410mm / Cooking Surface Width: 680mm / Cooking Well Height: 200mm
Note 9 No clearance needed on rear sides of unit if wall is of non combustible type. If wall is combustible, minimum 50 mm wall clearance should be maintained.
Note 10 Supply voltage: 371182(E7BREHMNFX) 400 V/3N ph/50/60 Hz Total Watts: 9.5 kW

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