Panini Grills

Commercial Panini Grills from Fridgeland Online.“Panini” is an italian word, meaning the plural of “panino”, which in Italian means “bread roll”. Panini's have become a staple food for lots of different types of commercial catering businesses, from Coffee Shops to Pub and Bar snacks. Being a countertop cooking appliance panini grills are a great addition to any commercial kitchen with limited space. 

Commercial panini grills, often known as a 'commercial panini makers' or 'commercial panini presses', can come with either flat or ribbed cooking plates. Ribbed plates give the distinctive score lines on bread that customers find appealing. For such a small piece of cooking equipment it's surprising the variety of foods that can be cooked on a grill, apart from Panini's. Bacon, sausages, vegetables, burgers and toasted sandwiches can all be cooked on these useful devices. 

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