Pub Bar Fridges - Our Top Tips

Back bar fridges are an essential part of any pub or bar service. At Fridgeland we have used our unique experience to select a range of superb quality, efficient and effective bottle coolers designed to chill bottled beers and wine to the perfect serving temperature. 

Here are our top tips for buying bar bottle fridges: 

Tip 1: Metal Interior. Bar fridges are subject to more potentially damaging internal impacts than most other types of fridge, bottles are hard and staff can be careless! In order to withstand impacts, quality back bar units have all metal interior.All of our ranges feature dynamic ventilated cooling systems for rapid bottle cooling, a must in busy and demanding environments. 

Tip 2. Chrome Shelves. Plastic shelves may be cheaper they can bow under the weight of bottles, may discolour and break easily. Chrome shelves are rigid, stay straight, are tough and will never discolour.

Tip 3. Capacity. Check the capacity of the fridge, this is how many 330ml bottles it will hold (especially single door models). Most single door back bar fridges will hold 140 bottles, but some are much smaller often only holding about 60-70 bottles!

Fridgeland ranges feature UK branded components and tough construction to give years of reliable service and we always provide full parts and labour warranty as standard.