• Bottle Cooler Maintenance

    How Do I Look After My Bottle Fridge?

    A bottle cooler is the main focus for any pub, bar or restaurant, but they can often be over looked when it comes to day to day maintenance, meaning they might not be working to their full capability. Below are some simple yet effective tips on how to make sure your bottle cooler has a long and happy life! Regular Dust Checks A common problem with the breakdown of bottle coolers is to a build up of dust, mainly in the condenser, which causes a blockage in the air flow. Keeping your bottle cooler dust free will mean your it will last longer and chill faster. If you are unsure on how to…

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    Do I Need An Ice Machine?

    Your bar staff always need ice. After all, they could be serving hundreds of customers daily – and all of them want their drinks cool. Using the conventional home method for creating ice – freezing water in cube-shaped moulds – is unlikely to provide enough ice sufficiently quickly for keeping many drinkers at a busy bar happy. This begins to explain why you should have an ice machine at hand.  Slow but steady won’t win this race In your bar, your staff probably already have ready access to a freezer – in which case, why do they need a separate ice machine, too? After all, it’s no big mystery how…

  • Buyers Guide Multideck Chillers
    Buyers Guides

    Buyers Guide: Multideck Chillers

    A multideck display fridge is the ideal way to boost your impulse sales of all your chilled products. Essentially a commercial chiller without a door, these units are invaluable in busy retail areas such as; farm shops, convenience stores, supermarkets and coffee shops – allowing your customers to reach in and serve themselves. Fridgeland supply a quality range of multideck chillers for a host of different applications. Here we’ll take you through the different types available in our range, mention some beneficial features and give you some points to consider before placing an order.   Types of Multideck The multidecks section of the website is broken down into seven categories…

  • Blizzard Beer Fridge
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    Buying a beer fridge for your bar, pub or restaurant can be a confusing task. How do you know which one is right for you, and why are some more expensive than others? This post aims to make things just that bit clearer for you.   BUYERS CHECKLIST 1. Rapid Pull-Down Back bar beer coolers are required to chill-down ambient bottles (not pre-chilled). Quality back bars are fitted with large fans which move cold air rapidly over bottles speeding up this cooling process to around 5 x faster than a unit without a fan. Buyers Tip: Look for a large interior fan, avoid units which don’t have fans fitted!  …