Coven® Black Series Combination Ovens

Coven® Black Series Combination Ovens

The ultimate combination ovens by Coven®. 

Built to exacting standards and packed with easy to use technology to make catering easier than ever, the Black Series range of combination ovens from Coven® are simply brilliant. 

Combining all of the technologies you expect in a modern combination oven; like a built in digital temperature probe and fully automated self clean system, the Black Series is more flexible and more intuitive than ever before. With simple to use (but powerful) controls designed to allow easy use by all kitchen staff with confidence. Its range of cooking technologies and settings ensures that the end results look amazing, retain their nutritional value and keep their shape and texure like never before. Hot air convection, steam cooking, combined or regeneration all in one machine. 

Ultimate Control

Convection Cooking – The convection (or hot air) cooking mode can roast, brown, bake and grill foods. This is ideal for pasta dishes, meat, vegetables and pastries. Convection cooking means that ovens can reach target temperatures very quickly, foods can be cooked at lower temperatures and cooking times are reduced by up to 30%. Energy costs are reduced and food tastes better.                                                                                                       

Built-in temperature probe – The Core Probe allows very accurate, controlled cooking by monitoring the temperature at the core of a product with the sensor on the tip of a stainless steel probe. This is very useful for cooking large joints of meat to perfection. This precision ensures meats can be cooked to order with complete certainty and confidence.                                                                                                                                                            

Super Vapour – Steam cooking enables food to keep vitamins and minerals intact, thus maintaining the nutritional value. Ideal for vegetables, fish, eggs, fruit and where it is necessary to cook gently and quickly. Cooking in steam transfers heat quicker than any other environment and ensures foods keep their own natural moisture and do not dry out.                                                                                                                                                      

Steam Regeneration – Steam regeneration is the convection cooking process where steam in measured percentages (from 30% to 100%) at temperatures up to 140ºC is used to 'reactivate' refrigerated products in pans or fully plated without the need for microwave cooking. This process means you can organise lots of food quickly without altering its nutritional value, taste or texture.                                                                                  

Convection Steam – The convection steam setting produces steam and hot air to achieve high humidity and is ideal for all foods that have always required long cooking times such as stews, casseroles, roasts, meatloaves and cuts of meat. Perfect for cooking food quickly whilst maintaining its nutritional values and helps in reducing dietary fat.                                                                                                                                                            

Self Clean System – The self clean system takes the hard work out of keeping your equipment clean and well maintained by automatically washing the oven out at the end of the day. This fully automated process means you save time in the kitchen every wiok day, freeing you up to do more important jobs. 

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