Coven® Red Series Convection Ovens

Coven® Red Series Convection Ovens

The Red Series convection ovens from Coven® are the result of intensive product design and research to create the perfect professional convection oven for the modern caterer. A wide choice of sizes and capacities, simple to use and built to last a lifetime. Perfect for cuts and portions of meats and fish and vegetables. 

The Red Series convection ovens from Coven® are the natural choice if you are looking for the best performance, power and design in your equipment. They are available in both gas and electric powered options and in power outputs from 2.5kW (3ECH) all the way up to 26kW (20GCH). 

The large, double glazed doors keep you in constant touch with the cooking process, automatic humidifiers ensure that food is always beautifully moist and tender and the quick steam evacuation chimney keeps things moving quickly and efficiently. Larger ovens include separate oven chambers for even greater flexibility. 

Convection Cooking - Ultimate Control

The convection (or hot air) cooking mode can roast, brown, bake and grill foods. This is ideal for pasta dishes, meat, vegetables and pastries. Convection cooking means that ovens can reach target temperatures very quickly, foods can be cooked at lower temperatures and cooking times are reduced by up to 30%. Energy costs are reduced and food tastes better. 

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