Coven® Yellow Series Bakery Ovens

Coven® Yellow Series Bakery Ovens

Coven® Yellow Series. The last word in Bakery Oven technology. 

Designed to bake light and fluffy bread with golden, crisp crusts and delicate pastries to perfection time after time. 

Consistency, control and reliability are at the heart of the Coven® Yellow Series bakery ovens. They are designed to bake everything to perfection, simply and effectively whilst remaining extremely easy to use and simple to programme. The range is available from 3.3kW (4EP) to 26kW (10EP) with both Gas and Electric powered options. 

The large, double glazed doors keep you in constant touch with the cooking process, automatic dehumidifiers ensure that baked goods always have the perfect humidity during baking to achieve perfect results and the quick steam evaporation chimney ensures that they leave the oven in a perfect condition. 

Ultimate Control

Convection Cooking – The convection (or hot air) cooking mode can roast, brown, bake and grill foods. This is ideal for pasta dishes, meat, vegetables and pastries. Convection cooking means that ovens can reach target temperatures very quickly, foods can be cooked at lower temperatures and cooking times are reduced by up to 30%. Energy costs are reduced and food tastes better.       

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